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  • Type: Airless Sprayer - model may be changed as per images, subject to availability.
  • Reservoir Capacity: 1 L
  • Flow Rate: 0.26 L/Min
  • Spray Tip: 0.8
  • Power Required: 220

Features: Simple design hence convenient, Stronger pump giving efficient performance, Uses superior valve design for excellent atomization, No need of compressor, Plug in & spray, Cone-shaped spray nozzle, flow control knob and Flash proof switch. Technical Information: Max.delivery rate (test liquid: water)lit/min- 0.26, Voltage V: 220 - 230/110, Frequency Hz: 50/60, Pressure max.(bar): 150, Container holds(cu.cm.): 800, Weight Kg: 1.43, Noise level dB: 90/95. E-88 NOZZLE SELECTOR CHART: For oils, washes(mm): 0.3, For thin flowing enamels(mm): 0.4/0.5, For primers, base-coats, thick flowing enamels(mm): 0.6/0.7, For general purpose tips(mm): 0.8, For medium viscous material(mm): 1.0/1.2

  • Use Distilled Water Only for Long Life of the product. Use Ethanol Based sanitizer. For fogging you can add 10% to 30% Glycirol.
  • Its an imported Product , So No Warranty / No Return. If product found faulty or damaged when delivered Replacement Applicable.
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