Infrared Thermometer FDA Approved

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Product Features:-

Dikang Contactless Infrared Thermometer - One second quick temperature measurement
Voice Prompt
Over Temperature Alert
Memory Contrast Function
High precision infrared sensor with stable and reliable performance
Strong adaptability to ambient temperature, and can still be used normally in complex environments
Automatically save the last temperature measurement
Large-screen LCD display, high-brightness backlight, clear and soft display
Auto power off and energy saving
Technical Parameter:
Measurement method- Non-contact
Measurement Distance- 1cm-7cm
Measurement range- 0°C - 60°C (conventional), 34°C-42.5°C (high precision)
Normal working environment conditions- 10°C-40°C, humidity‚ȧ85%
Power: DC 3V (2pcs AAA batteries)
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