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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Good Accuracy, Best Quality with 1 Year Warranty

User Friendly Interface/Display

The Large back-lit screen makes it very easy for you to see the measured temperature in the mid night. You can even set an audibile high-temperature alaram that will alert you when then temperature is higher than the set value with a "beep" sound. ( It is set at 38 Degree by default )

Free Switch Between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Easy to Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius unit modes. This thermometer also features 20s auto shutdow for power saving.

Model IR37
Device Type Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Measurement Distance 5-10cm from the center of the forehead
Display Temperature Range 89.7 to 109.22 F (32 to 42.9 Degree C)
Item Dimension 160*100*40 cm

Technical Specifications

Brand Everycom
Display Resolution 0.1 F (0.1 C)
Laboratory Accuracy +- 40 Degree F (+-0.2 Degree C) for the Range 89.6 to 109.22 F (32 to 42.9 Degree C)
Operating Humidity Up to 85% non condensing
Storage Temperature -13 to 131 Degree F(-25 to 55 Degree C)
Automatic Power Off Approximately 20 seconds after alst measurement
Service Life 5 Years
Battery Life Approximately 3,300 Measurements

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